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Outdated Content Marketing Practices You Must Avoid!
Do you already have a website but you feel it needs an uplift? Does it have the relevant content that your website visitor would be motivated to give you business? Does it work on all mobile devices such tablet and smartphones? Does it have the exact keywords you use in your business so that your potential customer can find you online with those keywords? Is it connected to linking networks so that it links back to your site with the relevant searches?

For the past five years the online marketing industry was overwhelmed with several practices that claims and purposes to boost online ranking. Some common previous practices include using link networks, guest blogging, keyword stuffing and a whole lot more.

These techniques did bring some results in the past few years. However, with today’s technological trend and Google aiming to provide relevant and high quality search results to users most of these methods are rendered obsolete and does not bring any bearing to your content marketing.

If you are using old methods in marketing your contents in the web, it is time to reevaluate and change your techniques now. Here are the top three content marketing things that you should avoid now!

Stop Writing Poor Contents
Relevance, this is the first thing that you should consider before publishing a write-up on your website. Ask yourself if the content you are going to publish is related to your product or business and most especially if it provides substantial information to the readers. Avoid writing contents for the sake of just updating your website.

Avoid Improper Keyword Stuffing
Back in the days when Google didn’t care much about the contents of your website has now changed dramatically. Putting poorly structured keywords anywhere in your article sentences or paragraphs are not acceptable and would not drive you traffic by Google searches. Cramming more keywords and phrases on your articles does not only sound redundant but some of them are also grammatically wrong and does not provide any information or relevance at all to the whole article, therefore no traffic to your website.

Stop Improper Usage of Link Networks
Spending a lot of money by signing up on link networks to provide you with backlinks is not a good idea today. Back in the day, a link network would be a great help in boosting your network traffic but it does not apply in today’s marketing scene. You are now required to have backlinks from reliable and relevant websites. It means your contents which feature a beauty product cannot have excessive backlinks from a website that markets plumbing, or window cleaning services.

Backlinks are still a great help when it comes to boosting your SEO ranking. However, you need to build them over time and should not rely on link networks that promise irrelevant links to your website.

These are just some of the most important points that you need to avoid and consider if you wish your content marketing to be still relevant in today’s age. Always be aware of the newest changes and latest marketing trends to make sure that you are always up-to-date and thus ensures higher SEO scores for your sites.

Paying for Google Ads? Costing you a huge amount of money with little or no results?
If you are paying for Google ads with no SEO system in place, then soon as you stop paying Google you are practically invisible to the online world and searches. It is important that your business online have the proper SEO system professionally implemented to get the best results.

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